Mills of God Nibble at the Deceivers of the British People

Deception of the British People

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Abraham Lincoln

Our politicians don’t lie—official

Stop laughing. The Cabinet Office told me and nearly 75,000 other people that back in July. They quoted the “Seven Principles of Public Life” by which all politicians and officials abide.


It’s no joke and I, for one, am tired of the confusing contempt, dishonesty and incompetence on show at Westminster. It would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

Mills of God

“Thus, I do not see what use there is in those mills of the gods said to grind so slow as to render punishment hard to be recognized, and to make wickedness fearless.” Plutarch

Mills of GodThe good news is our legal establishment has stirred into at least contemplating action with something akin to moderate speed.

Is it the constitutional threat to Parliament’s sovereignty? Could it be the undermining of our judiciary? Is there a fear Nigel Farage’s 100,000 will storm our democratic Bastille? Has our government done too little to correct the anti-democratic excesses of colleagues? Does Theresa May care? I can’t say.


The government cage is rattled. Will something escape to save us? If so, what?

Take your pick

Here are reports. Daily Telegraph Huffington Post The Sun Evening Standard SKY News Daily Express Daily Mail The Guardian couldn’t find one from the BBC yet. If you want a video, here you go.

Whatever the content you prefer, reality doesn’t change. We need a good plan, or we’re going to be screwed. Brexit or Bremain, we must get our act together. To do that we need facts–not emotional slogans–real honest to goodness, relevant truth. Without it, we can’t make effective decisions, envisage a way forward or create a realistic strategy.

If we don’t have a plan [political perversity and fantasy excluded] our children, grandchildren and potentially their successors, will pay the price.

Crooked is as crooked does – footnote

Our government aims to push unwelcome legislation through the back door today under cover of the US elections. Remember this? Our Child protection laws are under threat right now.

“A company is known by the people it keeps.” Will Rogers.

It rings true for our political leaders. I wish it wasn’t so.

© Mac Logan


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