The Reborn Tree

Death stalks the land. A greed driven invasion drives north. What’s all this about a Reborn Tree?

Rome is at the height of its power and wallows in the grandeur of empire. There’s only one tiny fly in the ointment.

The past is far from dead

Despite the tragic massacre of the tribes at Mons Graupius, 80 years later there is no peace. Worse still, for the Empire, the Caledon in their mountain fastness gain powerful inspiration and resolve from a young warrior-mystic. The tribes unite in a way not seen before. The Wall of Antoninus is porous. The legions can’t subjugate the north until they kill the man symbolised by a reborn tree, if they can find him. Or is he closer to hand than they think?

Greed springs eternal

A dark design underpins the Roman campaign. The Prize? Domination of the Empire. Self-seeking greed and ambition threaten slavery for all humankind, perhaps forever. Within Rome’s very heart, the light and dark are in furious conflict beneath a traditional, well ordered, surface. The life of the emperor himself is in jeopardy.

The challenge is total

From childhood, AnkhArran knows the threat. Protected by his warrior mother, Sorcha, the AnymDruithe stands fast. Constant danger, love and extraordinary events mould the growing man. In the Magic Isles and Egypt, he learns fighting, mental and magical skills. He now must face down the evil hunting him and get close to one of the most admired men from history.

How will Highland lore and ancient spiritual knowledge hold fast against looming oblivion? Can ancient magic prevent the annihilation of a culture? How can a young Caledonian warrior-mystic overcome the power of an empire?

Find out in book one of Reborn Tree Series from Mac Logan – coming soon on Àghmhor.