The Angels’ Cut

Angels’ Cut – an Angels’ Share for criminals

Angels’ Cut is a tale of greed, fraud and murder. Eilidh’s explosive dossier exposes cynical corruption and criminality feeding in dark corners of the UK Establishment. Taken with callous efficiency, she tumbles into lethal danger. Money is already evaporating like the Angels’ Share, and the thieves and fraudsters want to protect their dripping roast.

Angel's Cut Cover at Mac Logan onlineTaken

Expecting a happy catch-up with his wee sister, Sam Duncan comes to London, she’s missing. Danger closes as fast as his express train. Any thoughts of a pleasant visit evaporate. Someone wants him dead, and a hair-raising quest begins. Sam’s investigative skills, honed as a tier-one operator working, alongside the police, are needed.

A little chumocracy goes a long way

Does ‘chumocracy’ or ‘cronyism’ or ‘kleptocracy’, involve criminality? In the Angels’ Cut it does, as politicians, officials, bankers, business people and gangsters line their pockets with public money, lots and lots of it. Soon the danger is stratospheric. People die.

Target the family

Both Sam and Eilidh plummet into confused and malicious webs of betrayal, murder, cover-up and stunning violence. Eilidh is lost. Can Sam find her? Will they survive? As if that isn’t enough, gangsters target his family. With his trusted warrior colleague, Tonka, facts emerge and with them, mayhem.

Criminality and cover-ups

People say – ‘it’s a cover-up’ … ’it’s one law for them and another for us’ … ‘we bale out the banks and they get the bonuses’ … Just for once, wouldn’t it be nice if someone flushed the criminals out? Well, here you go, you have come to the right place.

Greed, cosy corruption … follow the money

The greedy fear exposure. Money is all. What will bad people do to protect a criminal investment? For instance, how much do criminal insiders steal? Is the £190 billion ($265 billion) reported by Experian in November 2017 fake news?

Scare her off or kill her?

Is her first success as an investigative journalist going to be her last? Will she survive? Will she die?

Reader Comments

“I could immediately identify with his main characters, even those shady, dangerous individuals in the upper echelons of society. In this respect the story is also a measure of how eroded has become our trust in our leaders, the high and mighty of our land. His action scenes are particularly well handled – the opening scene in South Armagh is shockingly realistic. In fact there’s a gritty realism throughout this book which will linger long in the memory. All in all this is an impressive piece of work by a talented writer.” Abrach, UK

“Not your common or garden thriller, not by a long shot. A thriller it undoubtedly is, but with characters who are far better developed and fleshed out than many others of this ilk, characters who live, breathe and about whom the reader ends up caring deeply. The fact that the storyline is brilliantly crafted and the level of detail is enough (and accurate enough, too) to keep the most dedicated hardware anorak on side is just icing on the cake.” D Gixxer, UK

“As this book opens, it seems an exciting, and very readable, action thriller. Then as the characters are developed one is drawn in by the witty dialogue, by the fierce and touching family loyalties, and by the noble defense of the vulnerable against those who would abuse them to their own ends. Initially repelled by the violence in this novel, I felt, as in Stieg Larsson’s novels, the visceral satisfaction of seeing justice meted out to the abusers of women.” Maryann N, WA USA

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