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Ambushed by a criminal storm, their survival depends on attitude, love and experience.

Expecting a happy catch-up with his wee sister, Sam Duncan arrives in London, but she’s missing. Danger closes as fast as his express train.
Any thoughts of a pleasant visit evaporate. A hair-raising quest begins.

Sam must use the investigative skills he learned as a tier-one operator.

Before long, all hell breaks loose. Both Sam and Eilidh plummet into confused and malicious webs of betrayal, cover-up and stunning violence. Eilidh is lost. Can Sam find her? Will they survive? As if that isn’t enough, gangsters target his family.

The squeeze is on and the pressure never lets up in Mac Logan’s Angels’ Share series.

The Angels’ Share series by Mac Logan

The Angels’ Share

During the maturation of Scotch whisky about 2% is lost from the cask through evaporation. As a result (divine intervention?), this becomes ‘The Angels’ Share’ and HMRC waives duty.  Indeed, building on the idea of evaporation and tax avoidance, the Angels’ Share series envisages a dark and lucrative criminal tax-and-duty avoiding enterprise called BIZZ. Unsurprisingly it involves officials, politicians, the Establishment, business people, bankers, law enforcement and organized crime.

the Angels share series Mac Logan

Meet Mac

See short videos where Mac discuss corruption, criminality and the Angels’ Share series. What’s more, he writes poetry, non-fiction and historic fantasy based on Celtic and Roman conflicts. For more information, visit our Meet Mac Logan page.

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Click the image for a free sample book. RELENTLESS introduces the Angels’ Share series and key characters.

Two series

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Angel’s Share series

Reborn Tree series is a new creation and work in progress.

Non Fiction

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