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Here you will discover Mac’s passions, beliefs and values, who and what motivates him. There are videos and audio as well as, of course, the written word. Find out what inspires him to write and drives him to create engaging characters and fast-paced plots. Of course, we mustn’t forget his poetry and business writing. For more information, visit our Meet Mac Logan page.

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relentless angels share series tasterA free sample book RELENTLESS introduces Mac’s Angels Share series thrillers will be available soon. Our RELENTLESS Audiobook is on the way.

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Two series

For more about the books, with opportunities to buy, paperbacks, ebooks or audiobook, click on either of the links below:

Angel’s Share series

Reborn Tree series

Non Fiction

New titles will be added shortly.


Mac’s posts are linked via our ‘Jyngs!’ page. Soon all his posts will be available on site.

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