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Mac Logan’s Angels’ Share series

Eilidh Duncan, a talented journalist, investigates UK Establishment corruption and they don’t like it. Without warning, she is taken.

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Eilidh knows …

Eilidh Duncan’s explosive dossier exposes massive corruption and criminality breeding in the dark heart of the UK Establishment … sound familiar? 

Her investigation exposes layer after layer of fraud in government procurement and contracting, not to mention  smuggling and people-trafficking. Before long, pin-striped backsides are on a warming barbecue. As a result, Eilidh is kidnapped and plunged headlong into an insane world of pain, despair and murder. 

Making things worse, separate factions of the corrupt partnership follow their own agendas, don’t communicate and act independently. Soon, wires cross and the killing starts. 

Sam doesn’t know

Eilidh’s older brother, Sam Duncan, comes to London for a catch-up. Okay, he has an interesting past, but he isn’t expecting a brutal reception. SURPRISE!

Going low profile, Sam investigates using skills honed during the Troubles and other dangerous situations.

Unsurprisingly, corrupt officials, politicians, business people, bankers, law enforcement and organized crime conspire to eliminate the risk. Before long, poor communication and knee-jerk reactions escalate into violence, and no one is safe.

In the shadows, an enemy from Sam’s past whispers in peoples ears, generating fear and vicious anger. As a result, a hit team goes after Sam and his family. The sh*t hits the fan, and the gloves come off.

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Did you know that during the maturation of Scotch whisky, about 2% is lost from the cask through evaporation? This is known as ‘The Angels’ Share’, and UK customs waive duty. The Angels’ Cut is a dark development of this idea, where money evaporates into corrupt pockets.

The Angels’ Share Series tells the story of secretive, greedy enterprises who will commit murder to avoid investigation and exposure. The criminals collude to eliminate risk, including people.

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You can explore short videos on corruption, criminality and Mac’s Angels’ Share series.

What’s more, Mac writes poetry, non-fiction and historic fantasy based on Celtic and Roman conflicts.

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