Immigrants, Refugees and the Power of Love

Power of love?

When we touch…our gods lay down their weapons and I can forgive every trespass…” Katie Waitman,

Sometimes, out of the blue comes a surprising reminder of the prayerful goodwill of everyday folk. Yesterday it happened to me.

What’s this got to do with immigrants and refugees?

Love and Prayer
Sorry about the queue Cilla, but there are thousands of illegals trying to get in.

Well, you might ask. A couple of months ago I blogged about the treatment meted out, by a Home Office team, to a young Arab in Durham. Not the most impressive of moments for our Border Force.

Divide and rule

I don’t know about you, but over the past few months, I’ve heard polarising rhetoric instead of the language of unity. The political party conferences have come and gone. Right-wing politicians have uttered jingoistic statements about immigrants and refugees. The left is accused of anti-semitism.

For some, the words are reminiscent of the growth of Nazi culture pre-World War II.

My experience is of the Disunited Kingdom. What a shame. No guarantees of security for immigrants, even if they’re doctors and NHS staff. Good old LiFo strikes again.

Unity? Whats that?

Theresa May pleaded for unity barely a couple of months ago. Now we hear divisive bombast between Brexiteers and  Bremainiacs. Immigrant doctors are threatened along with a young Arab in Durham. Hatred stirs in the shires.

Some long-term-friends and I agreed to differ about their position on immigrants and the UK. They don’t know the facts, but they do know that immigration and, paradoxically, greedy bankers are at the root of the UK’s troubles.

And right in the middle of escalating anger …

This is a full transcript [names changed]:

Dear Marti,

I was very sorry to hear from Lizzie McTear the sad news about your son-in-law. Let us hope that the appeal will give all of you a better outcome.

Over the years I’ve read of similar cases, but when a friend is involved the story is different.

With best wishes and good luck to you all.

Love Alison

Marti attends a Christian prayer group every week. This was from another Christian who, by her prayers, supports a Muslim Arab, who prays five times every day without fail. The prayer group prays for him and his wife (a British Christian).

Don’t get mad …

It gave me pause. Remember the old saying “don’t get mad, get even.” Even means equal. There you go. We’re all Jock Thomson’s bairns.

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