Gimme a B-R-E-X-I-T yaay! Send me your factoids … what do they mean?

Gimme a B-R-E-X-I-T?

For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
Their dignities an’ a’ that;
The pith o’ sense, an’ pride o’ worth,
Are higher rank than a’ that. Robert Burns

gimme a B R E X I TWhen politicians say ‘settled will’ what do they mean? No sour grapes here, just annoyance with the mendacity of our Westminster leadership.

It’s hardly surprising many of the found-out Brexiteers evaporated from the scene and even more stunning how some of them have achieved high office on the back of their dissembling.

Decisions, Decisions

It seems unusual to decide something—of huge importance—without detailed information, facts and proper consideration? Buy a house? Choose a school? Eat some foods? Many of us would say they want facts and might even give me an earful finishing “…  think we’re stupid or something?”

Is a factoid a fact?

how reliable are factoids
No BoJo? No, he’s in charge of Foreign relations and MI6

If you use the word factoid, be sure the sentence makes it clear whether you are referring to a spurious claim, on the one hand, or an isolated, trivial, or mildly intriguing fact, on the other. The Free Dictionary

Are all Scots folk mean and drunk? Remember that £350M a week claim for the NHS? Are all our economic woes are at the door of immigrants? Are all Muslims terrorists? Can factoids ever be true?

Facts, who needs ‘em?

The government and public sector do not generally rely on fact-based reporting as our private sector is required to do. Nor does it extract and present the sorts of measurement which allow clear unambiguous facts to be presented. But The government is trying as any select committee aficionado will know.

Glass Full? Leaking? Empty?

The quote below offers a few thoughts from across the pond. The link is to the whole article. The bottom-line is strong feelings distort reality. There is no clear guidance in the factoids presented by either side.

The British pro-EU forces cited many risks in leaving — potential economic turbulence or the rupturing of ties with an entire continent — but the supporters of Leave had heard those threats and promises time and again. They felt pushed around, and they didn’t care. USA Today

The Government knows

The politicians who promised a new order of things got it right, of course, they did. Just what it is we don’t know yet and at the earliest, it’ll be the end of 2018.  One slight fly in the ointment: they didn’t know what the implications were and still, truth be told, don’t know what to do … yet.

Is it fair to say our government uses spin (lies), distorted facts (lies), and winds people up (incitement) and seldom is clear about anything? You see, angry people make bellicose decisions and, with next-to-no accurate information, they are wound up and  ready for aggression.

Fan Dance

Who said: “Act in haste, repent at leisure”. We’re in the middle of a fan dance. The link points to a famous version. A lovely woman conceals her physical perfection behind the fans and so titillates her audience without revealing anything more than a glimpse of her beauty. Such dancing may fan the flames of ardour, but what did you see?

Take Your Partners and Moth Eaten Fans for the Factoid Fiasco

The fans were the Stayista factoids and the other the Brexit factoids. Was reliable truth anywhere to be found? Of course not; up until now our politicians don’t deal in that— they can’t, they don’t know. Thus the family silver or the family jewels are sold or for sale. And our new hopes rest with an unelected, policy-less and mandate free Prime Minister. Please God, where does that leave us?

What does this mean for our kids?

Our politicians have a moral, ethical and absolute duty to do their best for us. The Cabinet Office says all politicians and officials abide by the Seven Principles of Public Life. I can hear the yeah right comments from all over the country.

Right now, our children’s futures are at great risk. Not simply because our politicians lack the skill and savvy to run the country effectively. But because our nation is squabbling about the referendum and dis-united, the lies go on.

According to Mac

When profit means everything, people mean nothing. Mac Logan

What does it mean to me? A few thoughts spring to mind (as the mind flows, no order of importance):

  • we *all* lost the referendum
  • let’s unite and recognise/resolve issues (whatever irks you about all this) with honesty, clarity and real, genuine and eye-watering—as required—transparency
  • Theresa May may turn out to be an excellent PM, it’s a hard task and she needs a chance
  • the PM is in a nest of wan …er…vipers. God be with her
  • we need a real plan, a five or ten-year effort with truth at the fore
  • any politician who lies should be kicked out of parliament — that might lead to a quick general election
  • I’m British and Scottish. I’m for us and, if my fellow Scots kick the UK into touch, I’m with them irrespective of my voting position.

This turned into a more thoughtful and ranty piece than I expected.

Work together. Stop the lies. Create a proper plan and manage it properly. Respect other peoples, countries and the EU. Do not allow politicians to act without clear facts and transparent decision-making on major matters. Nail the vested interests, yup, they’ve been going on a long time and it’s not just the banks. Sort out the connivance and corruption and we have a great chance, inside or outside the EU … a great chance.

Burns gets the last word:

For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
Their dignities an’ a’ that;
The pith o’ sense, an’ pride o’ worth,
Are higher rank than a’ that.

© Mac Logan

What do you think?