Me and Pauline McGee … you’re invited, get yer glad rags on

Pauline McGee (artist)

me and pauline mcgeeI’ve just become an exhibitionist …

I don’t take much encouraging. Well, maybe a teensy-weenie bit.

Pauline McGee has an exhibition of her work in Glasgow, starting Saturday 5 November, at The Art Village.

One of Pauline’s paintings, I Ask Myself, is based on a poem I wrote over forty years ago. The words will appear with the painting. I might even appear along with them.

(The address information is in a copiable format below.)

A sharing

Working with Pauline touches and delights me. Our developing creative relationship is exciting. We aim to establish our joint work and already have a body of work.

We are targeting a number of exhibition and presentation possibilities. If you are interested, please comment via this blog to contact us.

Fuse the Muse

That’s what we’re doing. Different insights stimulate our artistic creativity. We have a lot of fun, not to mention bacon rolls (we are Scottish after all).

Recently I presented my fiction writing and a few poems in Fife. I showed one of Pauline’s works and read the poem it inspired. Pretty gloomy topic. People applauded as I finished, wow! They laughed their socks off at a more humorous effort (I’m not sure it’ll fuse with Pauline’s muse) .

We aim to collect work into a proper book of art and words.

Invite to the Night

It all boils down to the invitation. I hope I’ll see you there. Free wine did they say?

© Mac Logan

Exhibition Room at Art Village
Shawlands Shopping Centre
104 Kilmarnock Road
G41 3NN

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    Fantastic! let me know when the next one is 🙂

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