Pedals in the East Neuk … a bike, a hill, fantastic views

Pedals in the East Neuk

Pedals in the East Neuk

Now at last the rain is fled
I pull my bike from in the shed
Give the tyres some pumps, a squeeze
Oil the chain and brakes, then ease …

… My way onto the gravelled drive
And pedal off, my legs alive
Scots breakfast a true power source
My knees transmit the motive force

Down the road thence to the climb
To take me up to views sublime
O’er quiet roads past rustling trees
And open fields where still my knees …

… Grind on my breath now ragged gasps
Thank God, a level bit at last
Now at the top in gentle breeze
I feast my eyes upon the sea

East Neuk view
My heart slows down as eyes delight
In landscapes, islands, beaches bright
And when at last I’ve seen my fill
I coast off down the testing hill

And hurtle where my legs did strain
With shaking speed a child again
A bend, a bump, a gentle skid
Then clang across a cattle-grid

On down rough track to where cars hustle
And brawny engines share their muscle
And watchful eyed I swift move through
My village far below that view

Homeward bound in traffic’s rush
I make the turn and gently push
Where bikes potential rests once more
Behind the shed’s wide oaken door

And peace remains inside my heart
The view embedded and now part
Of journey’s memory bright it stays
E’en now in mind it gently plays

I sit here, offer up my thanks
Oh lucky man …

© Mac Logan

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  1. marerobster

    ode to the bike! nothing like that first bike ride in the spring. and the thrill of reaching the crest after a climb.

    1. Mac Logan

      Yes, nothing like it, Marianne.

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