How many have died for the Creed of Greed?

greed creed

Creed of greed?

Imagine … some one you love needs medicine. It exists. You can’t get it. You watch a child/parent/partner suffer, fade … vanish from your life.

Sarah Boseley’s article, “Big Pharma’s worst nightmare” back in January reminded me why I started writing thrillers about the dark side … the dark side, that is, of how greed permeates our Establishment like Blackpool permeates a stick of rock.

John le Carré wrote about such cynicism in his excellent book and thought-provoking film (with Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz), The Constant Gardner.

Is profit all that matters?

Profit is part of our approach to life and work and, within bounds, an accepted pillar of our civilisation.

Greed, a lack of concern for others and an astonishing lack of investigation and retribution, epitomizes recent crises in banking, politics, tax evasion, defence spending, corporate fraud and so on. All of these riddled with criminality and perpetrators seldom brought to account.

Some things are simply wrong, evil

Imagine … some one you love needs medicine. It exists. You can’t get it. You watch a child/parent/partner suffer, fade … vanish from your life. Nothing happens. Mendacious politicos continue to dissemble. The powerful look the other way. What does this say about our values? Ethics?

I have watched friends die; others grappling with soul corroding crises of fear, inadequacy and years of pain ahead. So much of this is preventable yet not prevented …

Political ideologues on all sides agree

There’s no alternative to the way of our world. It’s boom and bust, forever. Forget a right-wing or left, don’t attach a capitalist or communist label or anything in between. This is a simple, stark creed of greed, and an inhumanity that denies the worth of ordinary folk.

Evil is as evil does …

Self-seeking corruption is the ethos of a malodorous cadre of the non-productive, their blind eyes averted from the anguish they promote. Why nod and say this is the way of the world? If it is true, let’s change it.

Mac Logan

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