A Terrifying Situation, a Brother’s Love and Safety from Dragons

Greater love hath no brother

A brother's loveWho’d have thought I’d witness a brother’s love overcoming fear, and staying strong in dangerous proximity to a top predator?

In the autumn/winter, a few years back, I walked an old droving road every day in all weathers. The vegetation vanished and as the nights drew in, the path ever more like slurry … and I could see more and more of the old walls. And then,  in one particular place, the wall had a sizeable hole … (more…)


Inky Dusk

Dusk counterpoint to SunWork The sun goes down Without a sound. Sweet Nature holds her breath Cold clammy cloud A dank dark shroud Prepares to hide the death Days warmth now flees…

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SunWork Night blackened sky Twilight is nigh When chrome-steel waters glow. And better yet Stark silhouettes Dimensional will grow Black leaves bare seen Turn gentle green Oak trunks to mellow brown A silver sea…

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