Wendy Jones Grills Mac Logan (videos) – well done, Wendy

Wendy Jones the Crime Writer?

Yup, Wendy H Jones. I went up to Mearns FM and got the full interview treatment from Wendy, on her “Wendy’s Book Buzz” programme. There’s a short intro below and more videos.

The full radio show, music, ads and all, is available by clicking on the player image.

Wendy Jones
Wendy Jones Book Buzz show

Libraries are Important

Too right. I am involved with my local library as we overcome the threat of closure and develop a community-led service.

Crime and Corruption

We started with the Angels’ Share series. Hence, we began with context, you know, Establishment corruption, human trafficking, procurement irregularities and so on. simple naughtiness that costs us £ billions.

Next, we covered the books with backstory, snippets of information and so on,  Angels Cut first.

Then we moved on to Dark Art as the adventures charge on into Europe and the USA.

Movie too?

RT logo 3 - 72.pngMy new Celtic light vs darkness series, the Reborn Tree, attracted a filmmaker.  As a result, our conversation changed.
It’s amazing how a tale of myth and magic, rooted in historic Scottish landscapes, and other exotic and ancient locations generated interest. As a consequence, a director and his producer flew over from Japan, and the concept became a project. These tales go back nearly two thousand years. They explore the conflict between good and evil, empire and culture, and, mysterious powers and ancient knowledge – far older than the pyramids.

Strange tree
location scouting under way, any idea where this is? Correct answer gets a book.

This movie project is now under development and already attracting interest in the film world, for example, actors in well-known shows including Game of Thrones and Star Wars … exciting stuff.

Wendy H Jones, the writer

Wendy H Jones Killer Craft.jpg
Don’t pass Wendy’s excellent books by. As for interviews, a rematch is on the cards.
Guess who’s interviewer.
Thanks, Wendy, I loved the experience of working with you.

© Mac Logan

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  1. Sam Russell

    How exciting Mac – I’m listening now!

    1. Mac Logan

      I appreciate your support, as always.

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