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David Davis quotes Winston Churchill

Quotes are wonderful. Okay, some are more wonderful, than others. More excitingly, some may not have been said by the attributee. Now what?

Hard life

Like it or not, the economic writing is on the wall for a Brexit hard-line. Does the Brexiteer bubble bulge obscenely as while jaggy anti-needles shred the air nearby ….

There’s lies, damned lies, and statistics … then there’s the flaming great porkies both sides of the Brexit argument used to con UK citizens before the EU referendum.

Whatever happened to the complaint of misleading the public being considered by the Crown Prosecution Service, against politicians – remember BoJo’s battle-bus? – never mind the continuing stream of misinformation. What’s in a quote? Perhaps a microcosm of the whole sorry, divisive EU episode.

Quoth he

David DavisLife’s getting harder. For David Davis, it must be much tougher than he expected a month ago. Yesterday he stood at the Brexit table and quoted Winston Churchill.
He probably wasn’t expecting a criticism for the quote, but there you go. Researcher Richard M Langworth reports:

‘Like many “red herrings,” the optimist/pessimist quote is all over the web ascribed to Churchill–and not one of those appearances offers a source (speech, book or whatever). If he said it, no one has produced the source.’

Ok Sir Winston, what do you think

Davies’ illusory quote made me wonder what Churchill might actually have said about Europe and the EU. OMG, would the great man, Churchill that is, have been on the Bremain side? Judge for yourself.
[wpvideo hwOoCpbe]
From the life, as they say. If you want to see the whole thing use this link.

Back to the quest for facts …

Is there a plan? What is the truth? When will we be told it? The whole sorry mess of Brexit and Bremain is based on lies and questionable politics. Are our citizens’ muscles still flexing? I hope so.

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