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Why go on? – Political

Why go on? Can we stop the foolishness?

This morning a person asked a ‘why go on?’ … ‘get-over-it’,  poke-in-the-eye sort of question in social media :

… surely a democratic referendum vote is as set in stone as any vote would be. leave won the vote, right or wrong, they still won. how is it democratic to not accept the result?”

You see, … if we’re not careful, we’re going to wind up where we’re heading – so why go on? A detective, at this point, might say, ‘follow the money.’

How can we go on? – follow the logic

How do you answer these:

  • Is the concept of winners and losers a helpful idea? We have new information.
  • What is in the best interests of the UK and all of us?
  • Put your hand on your heart … Do you, generally, trust Westminster politicians?
  • Have you solid faith in our government?
  • Do you honestly think we should proceed, even if we’ve been misled, even if a drop over a cliff will destroy us? This may explain the feelings I’ve had for a while.
  • Is there clarity, expertise or sanity in the Brexit process. Words like incompetent/ inexpert/ mendacious spring to mind… bad people have their way when good people do nothing.

Imagine …

You decide to buy a car. On the forecourt, you see a gleaming model you’ve always fancied. The sales people assure you it‘s well maintained and the test drive … mostly … convinces you.

would we lie to you?There are a few noises and rumbles and the seller says, ‘Of course they need fixing, it’s just in … of course we’re going to sort it … it’s such a  great car we can hardly bear to part with it … if you sign up now we’ll give it a 250 point service and knock £200 off it.’

A partner shares

At home, your partner bends your ear and you agree to an inspection saying, ‘you’ll see.’ Oh dear, your trusted mechanic reports flaws. Sad to say, it isn’t safe. Yup, it isn’t road legal. Why go on?

Follow the logic, why go on?

Let’s face it, you love the car … the happiness you dreamed of … the cool impression … all shattered and blown away by facts.
There is our challenge. Follow the logic … if you were in that situation, would you buy the car? Or, would you look for another?

The bottom line

Is a consensus developing amongst our citizens that:

  • the original arguments for Brexit and Bremain weren’t …
    • factual?
    • realistic?
    • truthful?
    • uniting?
  • there is much more clarity and information available now
  • in some cases, our politicians spout misleading information:
    • Theresa May on the Brexit dividend a few days ago
    • immigrants aren’t to blame for our woes and we now have shortages of people in the NHS and in our fields
    • the promised business dividend isn’t actually err believed by a lot of business
  • Westminster contains some powerful politicians who aren’t equally powerful when it comes to managing things or agreeing amongst themselves.

What do I think?

One thing is certain name-calling and polarisation won’t secure my children and grandchildren’s future. If we must leave Europe, let’s do it with a clear and factual understanding of why, and what’s in it for us.

Imagine, going forward eyes wide-open … hand-in-hand after making, for us, the right decision.

©Mac Logan

What do you think?