A Lovely Pair

Lovely Pair!

Please. Please. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not encouraging lewd thoughts in male readers. Nor, indeed, any issues for even the most ardent of feminists.

The answer to all your plucking problems … The Game Cart

A lovely pair of PheasantsOn Saturday a pal dropped two pheasants off. This afternoon, when the sun broke through I prepared them for eating. Not for me a payment to some capable pluckers. DIY beckoned.

I skinned, jointed and dressed (gutted) the birds in 30 minutes. Next time I’ll be faster.

Country Life

There are hunters around here in the East Neuk, and, judging by my lovely pair, well fed game to boot. The crowns (breasts) weighed in at 1.0 lbs each, the legs (for confit I think) at 1.5 lbs for the four.

Here, in this beautiful Scottish setting, we benefit from friendship, bright land and seascapes, and wild game. I’m grateful for such wonderful produce.

A gentle soak

A lovely pair, jointed, soak in brineThe jointed birds, my lovely pair, are soaking in brine now.

I find a mild salt solution and Garam Masala works fine. They’ll soak for 24 hours. The GM adds a pleasant scent and a light taste.

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Mac Logan

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