For the Love of …

For the love of … words

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” Rudyard Kipling

Sam Russell, Author

Sam Russell and friend

Sam Russell and I became writer pals a while back. We agreed she’d write something and this came along. Enjoy …

I expect you’ll love it as much as I do. It gives quirky a good name.

Word definition (Oxford Reference) any sound or combination of sounds (or its written or printed symbol) forming a meaningful element of speech, conveying an idea. A unit of expression.

 Don’t you just love ‘em?

Mixed with the spices of dialect. Stirred with idiom. Show me an accent, throw me some slang. Turn me on with colloquium. Tickle me pink with verbosity. Bemuse me with proverb. Treat me to a cliché.

Charm me with txtspk and I will lu 4ever. lol. Wax lyrical for me.

Make my day by listing plants (cuckoo spit, snapdragon, foxglove).

Offer me your misquotes.

Talk to me of outlandish worlds (Nether Wallop, Fanny Burn, Shyte Brook).

Tell a story, drop a line, bend the truth.

Ply me with your puns (Top Bun, Florist Gump, Woofs a Daisy, Bapman).

Jumble, fling, scrawl. Spit, yell or whisper. Exaggerate, intonate, punctuate if you must.

Tease me with your wit and innuendo. (Punch line – let’s do intercourse).

Delight me with poetry, literature and scripture. I want theatre.

Fly me to rapture with your interplay of analogies and simile.

Word soup, gobbledygook, gossip and Jargon. Pillow talk, allusion, confusion.

Play me some lyrics. String me a line.

Use or abuse them, but GIVE ME YOUR WORDS.

Word of honour, word of mouth. Word perfect.

Do send a message or share a comment. Say it with words.

Sam Russell

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