Doting or Life Experience?

This is a blog from around the time of the World Cup. I’m changing my old Jyngs! blog and this fell out as I cleaned up.

Life Experience?

Life ExperienceLife experience?

A fantastic life experience.

Says who?

Says me… and a football daft eight-year-old.

Sounds like doting to me

How so?

Anybody letting an eight-year-old watch a football match starting at 9 o’clock at night is doting

It was the World Cup final.

If you see one you see them all

Right. They happen every four years. And even I was interested in this one. I watched it with him.

So he got round you

Not really. He asked nicely, I could see he so-so-so wanted to watch the match. And, I got my ‘yes’ in just ahead of his grandmother’s ‘no’. And, to top it all, gave his five-year-old brother permission to watch the first half (due to sleep setting in, he had to go earlier).

And how can you can say it’s a good life experience?

That’s a really daft question. Even I, a diehard rugby fanatic, found the performance of Germany against Brazil absolutely stunning. It’s something that will be at with me for the rest of my life. And with my wee pal for a much longer period of time.

Imagine, the first-ever football match you’ve been allowed to stay up and watch was Germany beating Brazil, in Brazil.

I think you are irresponsible.

Not this time. No need to mention the rest.

by Mac Logan

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