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Read it or Reap – Political

Read it or reap … hmm

If you new where to find information and truth about where our country is heading, like it, or not would you want to know? Would you read it? Have we destroyed our best interests?

Read it – I’m responsible!

“It was me that got us into this mess, I will get us out of it.” Theresa May, June 2017, after calling a snap election and losing her party’s Parliamentary majority.

Read it – everything will be fine

Whether you back Remain or Brexit, are you holding your breath about avoiding a mess? Do we need more and better information?

“Within two years – before negotiation with the EU is likely to be complete and therefore before anything material has changed – we can negotiate a free trade area massively larger than the EU. The new trade agreements will come into force at point of exit.” David Davis, Former Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, July 2016.

Last week, a friend emailed me a twitter link for Edwin Hayward. He wrote  The Truth About Brexit. It’s simple, clear and concerning. I hope you’ll read it. With permission to share, I took the liberty of tweaking the layout to support ease of reading.

Refute this

At one level, leave or remain is immaterial, we need realistic, fact-based thinking and planning. Where are the facts wrong in the download document?

“Here’s the truth about Brexit, the “punishment” that some people claim the EU is trying to inflict on us …

Download below

In at the death

Travelling back from a funeral with three other oldies, I was shocked by their unreasoned beliefs about Brexit. As a result, I danced around engagement, occasionally challenging assertions by my neighbours.

United? Capable? Honest?

Asked (pointedly) what I thought, I owned my belief we should stay in Europe and sort its weaknesses from the inside. A lull followed, so I asked how they felt about the governments performance so far. In a word, “ridicule” would be an understatement. They talked of lies, disunity, untrustworthy, clueless … and so on.

As a result, I asked them if they felt that way, why were they trusting such people with Brexit? Silence.

On the idea of Churchill’s assertion of the benefits of a united Europe avoiding war, I asked which of their grandchildren they were prepared to sacrifice? I urged them to find out more and will give each of them Edwin’s article.

We genuinely wish to join a European free trade area – and if our continental friends wish to reach agreement, I am quite sure a way can be found and that reasonable adjustments can be made to meet the essential interests of all.

Winston Churchill, 1957

Anyone who reads me on this topic knows I aim to write as non-aligned to one side or another. My biggest concern, after my grandchildren, is the unprofessional, often non-factual, lacking-realism, ideological (“idea-illogical”?) and inept showing for the UK on the world-stage.

In the face of a 75k+ people petition demanding honesty, our government reminded the petitioners of the “7 Principles of public Life”. There is more detail via the link. How well do our politicians live up to this standard?

I found the word shameless popping into my head, and not just for the Tories. Of course there are many politicians worthy of our respect. I wish there were more in leadership roles.

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