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Grandpa, when does your love stop? – Life

Grandpa?what's wrong with noisy people

They get that look, don’t they? As a grandpa, searching questions come up from time-to-time.  Such enquiries needn’t be long-winded. Often they are brief and focused, like this one.

‘Grandpa?’ My youngest granddaughter, at the other end of the table, fixed me with a serious eye.

‘You’re looking thoughtful.’

‘Do you still love me when I go away?’

‘You mean like when you go home?’

‘Yes, I’m going home with Granny tomorrow and you’ll be here.’

‘Yes, I always love you, even when you’re not here.’

‘You mean all the time?’

‘All the time.’ I nodded, made a smiley nose-scrunching face and pumped my fist.

‘Good, Grandpa.’ Likewise she hunched her shoulders and pumped her fist back at me, grinning.

‘What about you? Do you still love me when you are at home in Edinburgh?’ She gave me a vigorous flexible-necked nod. ‘Why did you ask?’

She gazed at me, a slight question furrowing her brow.

‘Yes, even when you’re naughty.’ She shared her mischievous smile. Life went on. We watched the birdies on the feeder. She wiped her face slightly ‘porridged-up’ face before rushing off on an urgent play-mission.

Comes around

Later on I recalled a chat with her big sister when she was about the same age. Similarly, her concern focused on love, but that time surviving death.

Reaffirming love is important, especially for older people like me.


copyright Mac Logan

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