Erotic? Exotic? Despotic? … Different People, Diverse Urges

Urges? Well I Never

‘Just erotic. Nothing kinky. It’s the difference between using a feather and using a chicken.’ Terry Pratchett

Chickens and FeathersDifferent people diverse urges

I used to think a bisexual had wheels and handlebars, S&M were candy coated chocolate buttons, and sex was what potatoes came in … Then, a while back, someone told me about erotica.

At the time I was both honoured and diffident in my appreciation of an erotic author inviting me to guest-blog and giving me the flexibility to respond (don’t jump to conclusions) in my own way.

Twitter excitement

After I joined Twitter I encountered writers who proclaimed themselves “erotic” … e-r-o-t-i-c. Should I follow back? What might people think? They might check my followers or the people I follow. I might be considered a Dirty-Old-Man … I’d much rather be a TOM or a typical-older-man. My definition of a TOM is:

A middle-aged or elderly man with still-operational ahh… you know

Are there other TOM’s in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, or world-wide? I hope so. Am I the only white-haired man who still feels “urges” now and then? Anyhow, TOM works. What’s more one has to be careful how one uses the D-O-M initials following recent scandals in some churches … not to mention bossy women who like cracking the whip.


Do TOMs show a normal interest in sex? What is a normal interest? Are all women who read and enjoy erotica DOMs in disguise? Now there’s a thought … Does it matter?

Thinking of possibilities, I found a prayer to assist males cope with the dilemma of appearances and enhance their TOMO-erotic possibilities:

Dear Lord, All I ask for in 2015 is a big, fat bank account and a slim body. Please don’t mix these up like you did last year. Amen.

And the writers of eroticism?

Want to know what I do about the authors of erotica who follow me? Mostly I follow back. Why? Erotic authors are artists applying their craft for a readership who want to enjoy it. If it’s consensual and adult I stand by the principle of acceptance.

What’s more, I’m getting a much wider range of word usage as a byproduct (or should I spell that bi-product?). I now have alternative thoughts about dripping, sucking, nibbling, squeezing, stroking … I could go on. Sad to say I’ll never be able to use the word “ejaculated”, as a dialogue attribution again. Ho-hum.


I’m told I may have included a mild touch of the erotic in my latest thriller. This is not intended to create ferocious titillation or dampen the story line. It’s simply a normal outcome of a couple sharing and enjoying their normal physical intimacy in a loving relationship. No, folks, there aren’t passages worth dog-earing. But then there is that manipulative woman lawyer who throws herself about a bit

With such a clear demand for erotica, the hypocrisy around it and other sexual content is surprising. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel inclined to write erotica as a genre. However, I stand by my fellow authors who follow their inspiration. Let’s avoid judgement and encourage writing in its many vibrant forms.

Did I ever tell you how I was offered a chance to be an erotic author by an American publisher? Surprising story.

PS: Can anyone recommend a juicy piece of … ah … private reading for a somewhat unworldly TOM I know? I’ll be happy to … eh … pass links along.

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