Can We Make U-Turn on the Road to Perdition?

Stuck on the road to perdition?

“Stress comes when we resist the natural urge to bawl abuse at bad people” Mac Logan

U turn on Road to PerditionOur respect has no beginning

Politicians? … bunch of wasters … out of touch …

bloody bankers lose the money … we pay the bill and they get the bonus…

they’re killing, as well as privatising, the NHS

Powerless is as Powerless Does

We moan, grumble, rant, rage and then do nothing. Why? Are we powerless? Already our politicians are basting us with misinformation about Europe. And most of us don’t trust them. Why do we accept the status quo?

Over the years I’ve wondered about the inescapable shenanigans. Especially now the heat’s on and Brexit looms. Our politicians seem bereft of the essential ability to protect us and/or look after our interests—truly a road to perdition. Who tells the truth?

Timing of burst-bubbles

Consider the recent floods in the UK. Our politicos went from macho posturing to hurried spending in a few short weeks.

Must bubbles always burst after the fact? Even when we can see the trouble coming? This crazy situation, and the challenge of escaping the status quo, reminds me of a limerick …

A flea and a fly in a flue
Were imprisoned so what could they do
Said the fly let us flee
Said the flea let us fly
So they flew through a flaw in the flue

This isn’t about a right-wing or a left-wing. Neither political parties nor Good ole Boys. It’s about our future, my grandchildrens’ future.

Reactions speak louder than words

When we complain about how things are, fear for the future or express anger about our elected leaders …

When we curse the unfairness of the world’s financial systems and shake our heads, why do we remain passive? Why don’t we do something?

What are you going to do about it?

© Mac Logan

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