There are two strands in the Angels’ Share series. The first is a woman finding her strength, capability and power, in adversity… if she lives. The second is fast paced tales about the fight against greed and corruption in the Establishment, initially in the UK expanding onto the international stage.

Unaccountable public and private organizations ruin ordinary people … like the ones you love ​because they can get away with it.

Therefore: corrupt bankers, business-people, politicians, officials, spooks and organized-crime infest the Establishment.

Consequently, when Eilidh gets on the trail, she disappears. When Sam finds out, he investigates. As a result, Sam uncovers a mysterious, malignant conspiracy with murderous intent and world-wide connections. A lethal game of cat and mouse begins. THat’s the heart of the Angels’ Share series.

Bad guys hate pressure and when intimidation fails, murder isn’t far away. Due to Sam’s persistence, they attack his family. This leaves him only two options … risk everything or die.

the Angels’ Share Series (videos)

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Angels’ Cut – the Slice (video)

The Angels’ Cut Angels' Cut – an Angels' Share for criminals Angels' Cut is a tale of greed, fraud and murder. Eilidh's explosive dossier exposes cynical corruption and criminality feeding…

How to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven – Politicians Guide (video) – Political

Imagine politicians, needing help, feeling alone and with only one last place to turn. Finally, driven by fear, knees pressed into a thick pile carpet, knuckles clamped together and whitening after a good look into the abyss, they pray, "Give me a sign, oh Lord, the kingdom of heaven sounds good to me, I swear. I want to join. Okay, okay in spite of looking … err … if I can't see a sign, how about a clue?