Tough Questions? Need Answers

Sometimes when you've been travelling around the place, meeting new people and seeing exciting places, you should get tired. IF YOU ASK ME, tiredness comes when you are simply a spectator in an unfamiliar place. People float my boat and on my recent trip, people made my tiredness, mostly, vanish.


A Terrifying Situation, a Brother’s Love and Safety from Dragons

Greater love hath no brother

A brother's loveWho’d have thought I’d witness a brother’s love overcoming fear, and staying strong in dangerous proximity to a top predator?

In the autumn/winter, a few years back, I walked an old droving road every day in all weathers. The vegetation vanished and as the nights drew in, the path ever more like slurry … and I could see more and more of the old walls. And then,  in one particular place, the wall had a sizeable hole … (more…)