5 Ideas for Productive Writing

I have nothing to declare except my genius.’ Oscar Wilde

5 Ideas … easy

5 ideasMy email pinged. ‘Would you like to do an interview?’… as an author, you know: likes, dislikes and advice. It felt good, a minor dusting of celebrity can turn the ego. Oh man, the invitation had my ego stretching my toupee. If you don’t know what a toupee is, keep your hair on.

Fast Answers

What were my top five? Off the top of my head (like instant)?

  1. Write, write, write—you gotta kiss a lot a frogs before you find your voice.
  2. Believeyou do have a story to tell and it’s great!
  3. Trust your flow—when it comes you’ll know; the words throw themselves at the page as you immerse in a creative surge, and laugh, cry, rage and tremble with your characters.
  4. Ask for and listen to advice—different perspectives and expertise help ground you; even if you don’t agree—you have to think.
  5. Set goals—you won’t hit them all, but you will get somewhere and you’ll see the progress.

Please don’t go all shy, who’ll notice?

If you write, or think you might like to, or are even plain terrified of putting pen to paper—but would kind of like to have a go … if only I could … I don’t want to look foolish … Forget the niggling doubts. Do it. Face your fears, express yourself and have fun. Share your work and ask for feedback. Before you know it you’ll be developing a style.

One thing is certain: if you don’t start the journey you won’t be going anywhere …

Mac Logan


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