A Coup in the UK – You Can’t be Serious – Political

A Coup in the UK – You Can’t be Serious – Political

Is A Coup in Hand?


Not long ago, a powerful minister had to comply-or-die. In his case, the Prime Minister demanded he fires his advisors. He challenged the request. The PM insisted. The minister resigned.

I ask myself, is the centralisation of power worrying? Furthermore, how do we benefit? Most importantly, how do the government benefit from this?

Vote Leave hmm …

  • Boris Johnson and Michael Gove fronted Vote Leave which broke UK electoral law. Is it criminal?
  • Besides, Vote Leave colluded with BeLeave and splashed naughty-cash (the Electoral Commission said Vote Leave funnelled £675k through BeLeave).
  • What about the small matter of the DUP Ulster money that the Electoral Commission decided it was ‘not in the public interest‘ to investigate. Not in the public interest – who are they to decide? Was this a political fix?
  • For breaching electoral law, Vote Leave paid a £61,000 fine, and the UK Electoral Commission reported them to the police.
  • The Electoral Commission fined the founder of BeLeave £20,000.
  • The police submitted a file to the Crown Prosecution Service in October 2019 – I wonder what happened next – if you know, please share. All in all, what culpability taints Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and others?

It seems the Vote Leave team still operational? That means: Johnson, Gove, Cummings, the Warner brothers and apparatchiks are the old team in a new setting.

If the team goes on … (is this a coup by any other name)?

  • “Faculty”, an IT business supported the Vote Leave campaign. Its CEO is Marc Warner. Are you surprised Faculty gained around seven government contracts, worth approaching £1 M. Is more to come?
  • Ben Warner (a data scientist) is the brother of Marc Warner. They say Ben Warner works for Dominic Cummings as a Data Scientist and government adviser. Are you surprised he did data modelling for the Conservative party’s oven-ready general election campaign? Oven-ready means it’s all over bar the cooking.
  • Currently, Ben, Marc, and Dominic work or have contracts with the UK Government. How were the contracts awarded? Were they tendered formally? Were advisor roles advertised? Is it worth mentioning public interest as opposed to ideology?
  • You’ll recall that Dominic Cummings and Ben Warner have attended SAGE meetings. Marc Warner of Faculty reportedly attended one too.
  • Depending on your point of view, you may feel that having IT experts attend Scientific Advisory Groups makes sense. Alternatively, you may have thoughts about track record, the abuse of power and manipulation.
  • What about the resignation of Sajid Ravid? Firstly, firing his advisers was the price of keeping his job. Secondly, even if a speck or two of mud adheres to his banking credibility and the sub-prime scandal. At face value, he stood up for himself.
  • Who is boss in the British Government, the PM or someone else?

Test questions?

Is it okay to give partisan (unelected?) people vast influence in government? Should not-elected advisors remove employees and politicians who aren’t ideologically pure?

Are the best interests of British citizens at the heart of the changes? Is something less pure in hand? Might the UK be harmed for years to come? Will changes happen at an at the right time or in a chaotic, unprepared and incompetent, CoVid19 manner?

Is this the same old ineffective Westminster bubble letting a coup happen?

  • Advisers get fired.
  • Civil servants get fired.
  • Politicians lose the whip.
  • Expertise-free cronies land huge contracts without not a tender in sight.

What do you make of it? Are you happy?

Do the Uk’s Seven Principles of Public Life matter any more? Do we?

© Mac Logan