Time to Go Home …

What do you do when you’re knick-knacked?
Climb to three feet and level off. That’s why I didn’t post late yesterday. I was weary enough to feel my brains were scrambled … no comments kids!

This is my final post from London and the London Book Fair. I’ve had a good time, met some fine people; had a few laughs. There have also been long periods of boredom.

Do I feel like and insider? No.

Am I glad I came? Yes.

Would I come again? Maybe.

What was the downside? It’s not really about authors. It’s about the industry built around and on them.

What was the upside? I met some nice, competent, genuine people, some of them are brilliant. They rock, each in their own way and if they ever read this they’ll know who they are because we’re in touch.

And so to, TODAY …

Two excellent meetings which signify opportunity. I’m ending on a high. There have been lulls, tired times and contact. Want to know more? contact me :o)

And, I suppose that leaves the market. I spoke to some interesting insiders yesterday. It’s clear that Change is happening, like it or not.

At one level or another, the people who: choose, push, print, making a living … from writing; but don’t do the author bit, need something to sell. The vehicles to deliver content are changing. People don’t really know where this is all heading.

Me? I’m grateful to be a published author. I’d like to find a switched on and future looking agent. Self-publishing is fashionable but it takes my energy away from writing. I’ve learned a lot and I’d like to be spared the grind, much as the learning is exciting. The new covers for The Angels’ Share Series are a case in point. Have a look:

Marvellous as I might think myself, Paula Murphy, is a much better cover designer than me. She made the cover better and the series branding excellent. And, that is what it’s all about. 
I want my writing career to be augmented by people who are expert and have the skills to make me a much more marketable proposition. … And tell me the things I need to hear to make a good fist of writing in the first place.

© Mac Logan
Mac Logan lives near Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the author of The Angels’ Share thriller series. You can see Mac talking about his writing.
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  1. Mac Logan

    You're right, I haven't had any choice until recently. And, truth to tell, will still be busy on the detail for some time to come. Hard yards are hard yards – the rites of passage – I don't regret the tough work. It's really good to have a hugely professional 'tough worker' doing what they're good at and I'm hoping I can continue on the tough work I like best.

  2. Sandra Gore

    I second everything you said about self-publishing. Problem is, not every one has a choice.

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