Touch Across Time – a joint creation in spite of death

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Touch Across Time

Angus Logan's Painting

Although the painting lies face down
no hiding nor concealment do I feel.
I’d rather fix its breaking back
where unexpected words reveal
A work of craft and life so real.

Expressed in coloured wash and line
old prose foreruns an artist’s thought.
From ninety years past, swift align
Tales of life and family taught,
A lucid glimpse. A world forgot.

Now seated, ready, focused – scrape!
The loosened mess swift falls away
My scalpel slices ageing tape
The words now clear their story say
A mind, a mem’ry here today

I sit, I work and feel the loved hand
direct the brush and share a gentle word,
create the view and share a tale.
Gestation pure, the artist spurred
Old energy, now mine, is shared.

My dear father, here, yet passed away
speaks and shares, yes here, as now I write.
My hands-his hands, we join, we craft, create,
together share an artists light
Once more connected … glowing bright …

© Mac Logan

See the picture’s words here

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  1. abrach1

    That’s a beautifully touching piece of work, Mac.

    1. Mac Logan writes

      Thanks Bob, It’s good to be appreciated. It’s nice to feel the connection is still there.

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