Angels’ Cut – the Slice (Kindle/eBook version)

The first book in the Angels’ Share series by Mac Logan



Eilidh’s explosive dossier exposes cynical corruption and criminality lurking in dark corners of the UK Establishment as money evaporates like the Angels’ Share.

Taken with callous efficiency, Eilidh begins her odyssey into a twilight world of despair and whimsical cruelty. It’s gonna hurt, bad. Can she take it?

Greed, need … follow the money

It’s gonna hurt because the greedy feel needy. Money is all. What price a criminal investment?

For instance, how much do criminal insiders steal? Talk about organized crime? … or is the £190 billion ($265 billion) reported by Experian in November 2017 simply fake news?

Scare her off…

Is her first lesson her last? If she survives, will she rise up and fulfil her potential in a male-dominated world? Will they murder her?

A brutal cover-up

People say – ‘it’s a cover-up’ … ’it’s one law for them and another for us’ … ‘we bale out the banks and they get the bonuses’ … Just for once, wouldn’t it be nice if someone flushed the criminals out? Well, here you go …he criminals out?

Well, here you go…


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